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Achieve Your Desired Process

Ensure compound quality throughout scale up, while mitigating downstream and environmental risk in manufacturing. Our solutions include reaction optimization, analytical testing, and any relevant particle engineering, and Life-Cycle Assessment. Development and validation of test methods is routinely executed by our teams to meet your stability and quality-control testing requirements.

Custom Synthesis

Initial Design of Experiments studies are performed on Cinthesis proprietary ball mill reactors.  Conducted with speed and quality, we provide our clients with:

  • Efficient use of reactants
  • Minimal side reactions via milder conditions
  • Simplified purification needs
  • Unique, ownable process Intellectual Property

Service Overview

Located in the University of Cincinnati, Cinthesis has a full array of equipment and resources to meet your custom synthesis needs.

Custom Synthesis

Cinthesis performs in depth studies of reaction fundamentals through design of experiments to optimize conversion, yield and selectivity for your specific needs.

Scale up

After optimizing reaction conditions on a laboratory scale, Cinthesis can scale up to larger units, and can produce larger scale quantity for your testing and qualification needs.


Cinthesis utilizes state of art analytical equipment and procedures to optimize reactions and characterize target materials as well as side products.

Life-Cycle Analysis

Cinthesis has in-house capabilities to assess the environmental impact of our approach versus a supplied conventional method.


Cinthesis recognizes our clients typically require processes that can be commercially scaled up.  We take the reaction conditions identified from our laboratory work in the ball mill,  then scale up using twin-screw extrusion. This provides our clients with:

  • Kilo quantities upon request
  • Process operations and conditions which can easily be scaled to commercial production
  • Support services to work on scale up
  • Ability to work with our partners to produce larger or commercial runs.

Analytical Services

We partner with our clients to establish the best way to analytically evaluate materials produced by Cinthesis’ mechanochemical processes.

State-of-the-Art Instrumentation

Cinthesis has access to all the advanced analytical equipment at the University of Cincinnati, such as GC-MS, NMR, x-ray crystallography, etc. We partner with our clients to define requirements that best suit your particular needs.

Method Development

If your material has unique needs, we will work with you to develop analytical methods for screening and optimization.

Pharmacokinetic Studies

For Pharmaceutical clients, Cinthesis will work with the University of Cincinnati, Department of Pharmacology to conduct pharmacokinetic studies of your materials produced via our process.

Life-Cycle Analysis

Mechanochemistry eliminates the need for reaction solvents, and has the potential for lower energy requirements due to milder conditions. Furthermore, due to higher selectivity and yields, less intensive purification is possible. Through our associates, Cinthesis can work with our clients to quantify the benefits of the recommended optimized mechanochemical process for your firm.