Cost-Effective, High Yield Solutions

Cinthesis is a spin-off company from the University of Cincinnati Department of Chemistry through the 1819 Innovation Hub. We received our initial funding from Cincy Tech/OSDA Funds after identifying and optimizing a novel and breakthrough synthetic approach based on mechanochemistry. Our facilities are located in the University of Cincinnati labs and have full use of the wide array of analytical equipment, services and expertise at our disposal.

How We Got Our Start in Green Chemistry

Dr. James Mack started his investigations into mechanochemical reactivity in 2007, and he and his team have published over 25 articles in the field. In 2014, Dr. Joel Andersen joined James’ laboratory and through his Ph.D. work, they developed systems for demonstrating unprecedented control over mechanochemical systems.

Our Team

Our management and delivery teams ensure that our expert solutions meet your most complex challenges, quickly delivering high-yield, cost effective solutions in a quality fashion.

Edward Sawicki

Edward Sawicki


Mr. Sawicki is a retired Procter & Gamble executive with 37 years of experience in Business Development, Chemical Purchasing, International start-ups and R&D.

Dr. Joel Andersen

Dr. Joel Andersen


Dr. Andersen received his PhD in organic chemistry stemming from deep research into mechanochemistry and he has an MS in Environmental Science & Engineering.

Dr. James Mack

Dr. James Mack

Technical Advisor

Dr. Mack is a renowned expert in the field of mechanochemistry. He currently is the Associate Dean of the University of Cincinnati Graduate School Professor of Chemistry.

Cinthesis is Taking Exciting Steps

Mechanochemistry evolved in small-scale, ball mill applications. This approach provides strong capabilities in assessing and optimizing operating conditions. We can quickly determine if a chemical reaction is suited for the efficiency and cost benefits of mechanochemistry. Cinthesis takes this effort one step further and works with our partners to scale these operations as required for medium- and large-scale applications.